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process serving

process server is an individual who delivers court summons to those who are party to a legal proceeding. the job is not as easy as it seems. Process serving is the act of delivering notifications, summons and other relevant paperwork to persons who are involved in a court case. generally the Documents must be delivered to the relevant party. process server has to go to the place of party personally and handover the documents to the party and take signature of receipt. in many case process server has to acquire identity proof of the recipient. the process server can simply visit the party's residence or business address and handover the documents. sometimes the job is more difficult to perform. process serving should be performed by the law enforcement officers and court representatives. However, anyone over 18, who is not a involved in the case, can act as process server sometimes the party's given address is not his or her current address, or sometimes party intentionally avoid not to receive the documents. in this situation it becomes harder to serve the documents. we have to find party's location first and have to get permission for the delivery to new address.

if party is ready to accept the documents then there things become easy but its not guaranteed. many parties know about legal aspects of the process serving. their advocates would suggest them how to avoid process serving. Sometimes process serving becomes a cat and mouse game. while delivering documents we have to follow state and local laws. Process serving can be a complicated job.