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Pre Marital Verifications

Pre Marital Verification is one of the most requested services which are demanded by our clients. Today marriages are so uncertain and a kind of gamble also, thus to make it successful, we help our customers take the right decision. We carefully check and verify the details and information given by the other family. The investigated reports we provide include the subject's confirmed current domicile/residential address along with any crucial background information we have gleaned during our investigation.




We deliver perfect report of candidate which includes below information.


Full family background: we collect breif information about each family member.

Financial status: we collect information about locality/area of residence, approximate rate of property, residence is owned or rented.

Reputation of family: we take opinion of neighbors, business coligues, party is defaulter or not etc

Life style: we check which vehicle he/she uses, clothes & other accessories are branded or not etc.

Bad habit: we check habit of smoking, drinking alchohol, consuming tobacco etc.

Character verification: we check that candidate has any romantic relationship or not.

Behavior: we observe, candidate's behavior with the lower category people, youngers and elders etc.

Job or business verification: we check his/her designation at job/business, reputation at company.