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"Being a private detective is a dream job for so many people, even some people are not aware that in reality, detectives exist! apart this truth, it is also true that this is the most exciting job ever you have thought of. they say persons who are "jack of all master of none" never achieves anything in their lives.. but we invite such people to join this fantastic field of private investigation because here you don't need mastery in one thing..but you will require to put all your jacks to finish different kind of jobs!

if you are in search of exciting job, if you have a great intelligence, if you don't want to spend your life with 10.00 to 6.00 clerk like job, if you want to dare and most importantly, if you have a great patience... welcome to the world of private investigation. this is the place for you. 

SEVENTH SENSE GROUP is a leading ISO certified investigation and background screening agency. we invite young people to join our network of brilliant agents across the nation. you don't have to have any minimum educational qualification or some kind of degree. you don't have to join any course of private investigation. work teaches work. you just have to give a practical test and that's it. you will earn handsome amount and more importantly tremendous experience of life. send your resume to"